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From hopeless to motherhood.

My struggle trying to build a family.

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A Word From Kate

Anonymous Gaia Intended Parent

Hello, my name is Kate. I’ve been diagnosed with infertility when I was 29. Back then, I felt like my whole world ended. To all my ladies out there who are going through the same agony as I did and feel hopeless, I want to tell you my story and help you experience the most wonderful and fulfilling thing in the world – motherhood.


Building a family

Here's the journey I took

My Story

A personal piece from an intended parent.

I like to think that my story begins when I was a child. I grow up in a loving family but as an only child. I can’t even explain how many times I want it to have brother or sister, and not just in early childhood but later as well. So, I kinda grow up imagining that I will have at least two kids, if not more. Dreaming about family. I don’t want to get into the reason why my parents didn’t decide to have more kids but being an only child form my dream of having a big family.

My Options

An overview of fertility options in 2018.

After I had to face the news that I can’t have children, I just gave up. I was in a wonderful marriage and my whole image with us being a happy family vanished in a second. Naturally, I fell into depression and I fell hard. I didn’t want to hear about alternative options. I met my husband when I was in High School and yes, we were high school sweethearts. 

How I Coped

It isn't easy, but here's what helped Kate.

I came across a bunch of blogs, websites and similar forums advising me how to cope with infertility. Truth to be told, I found some really helpful stuff. Also, it hit me how happy I am for being in a marriage where I have the support from my spouse. And then it hit me that many women don’t have that kind of luck.

Furthermore, I found that most of those articles are saying the same. In short, they give you a list of problems and a couple of ways to deal with them. Once more, some of them really helped me out so I urge you to do the research on your own, maybe it will do the same for you.

My Salvation

How we helped build Kate's family.

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