My Salvation

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From hopeless to motherhood.

My struggle trying to build a family.

My salvation

As I mentioned couple of times, I found my solution and I can say it in one word – Gaia Fertility. You have read a lot about me, so this is about my savior.

Gaia Fertility offers affordable surrogacy services in Cyprus to individuals of all status; couples that are married/not married or wish to embark on single parenting or same-sex parenting. Surrogacy program is designed to provide Intended Parents with a stress-free experience, with as little or as much involvement as they choose.

They successfully treat thousands of patients a year, referred from more than 100 doctors around the world.

So, without further ado, here’s the complete guide to Gaia Fertility.

What can Gaia help you with?

  • Surrogate selection, as well as medical, social and psychological screening

  • Egg / sperm donation if needed

  • IVF procedures

  • Compensation for the surrogate

  • Housing, daily expenses, nutrition, transportation & medication for surrogate

  • Pregnancy monitoring and pre-natal care

  • Birth

  • Post-birth care for the surrogate and the newborn

  • NICU care if needed

  • Insurance

  • All-inclusive flat fee, no hidden costs

  • No waiting list in terms of choice of surrogates/egg/sperm donors

  • 100% guarantee of a successful birth within 2.5 years or a 100% full refund of cost

  • Client coordinators assigned to all our Intended Parents

  • PGD genetic screening, Gender Selection and Egg/Sperm Donation (extensive VIP egg / sperm banks from Europe / USA essential in matching for family preferences of ethnicity, appearance, or educational background)

Why a guaranteed program?

If you aren’t one of the fortunate few who have health insurance that covers fertility treatment, you know from experience how expensive it can be. They have programs to help ease the financial stress.

Guaranteed Surrogacy Program allows you to pay a fixed amount up front and unlimited embryo transfer cycles.

They even offer a money-back guarantee (conditional on egg and sperm quality / donor use) refunding you 100% of your fee if you don’t have a baby within 2.5 years time.

Program is just the reassurance you need if you’re feeling apprehensive about succeeding at IVF treatment. It also alleviates the pressure you may feel about mounting medical bills should multiple cycles be necessary, as all costs are included in our one-time fee.

In the unlikely event a successful surrogacy is not achieved, your money is refunded to you. In this way funds can be used for other family-building options, like adoption.

What does the process look like?

Before getting started, I suggest a visit to Cyprus at the beginning of the process for an initial consultation. This is an excellent opportunity to see the clinic, meet the team, submit blood work and sperm samples, choose a donor if necessary and, if happy to proceed, sign a contract in person.

Upon signing of the contract, you’ll have the opportunity to either match with a surrogate or have one selected for you based on your profile. An egg donor is also selected at this time, by you, according to your personal requests and criteria. On the day of the egg extraction they create embryos from your sperm & donated eggs and five days later they choose the best embryos created.  

After, they transfer these embryos (ET) when the surrogate carrier is ready hormonally.
They must then wait for the pregnancy confirmation & start the countdown towards your baby’s arrival. If the results are negative – start again, within approximately 1 month, with no extra payments on your behalf. They continue until you succeed.

You will also have a personal coordinator who will update you on the pregnancy follow- up. They believe in transparency, throughout the entire process, therefore, you are more than welcome to join all appointments – by Skype/Phone or in person and, of course to attend your baby’s birth!

They are there to assist with all the necessary documentation required to exit the country. You must then apply to your own embassy in order to obtain a passport. In our experience, the issuance takes approximately up to a month.

What are the costs?

  • Ranging from €71,000 for a single baby

  • Starting from €86,000 for one surrogate carrying twins in the same pregnancy

  • Begins at €116,000 for two separate surrogates to carry your twins separately

They also offer surrogacy solutions outside of Cyprus. They have many partnering clinics and offer diverse programs in order to cater to all budgets and needs.

Payment Schedule

  • 40% upon signing the contract

  • 30% when the pregnancy is reached

  • 30% by 12 weeks of pregnancy


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